You Can’t Afford Not To Have SEO

Gone are the days of the Yellow Pages and much of print advertising. The iPhone, tablets and computers are our go-to for finding the best dentist, tire store or med spa. We can glean over reviews, location and learn much about businesses from their presence on the web.

Smart San Diego businesses make sure their web presence is cemented with a website that represents their in-person services or products. The web site gives details about the business and offers specific content about your services or products to your client base. The website is easily readable, easy to navigate and the information your target audience is looking for is within one to two clicks.

Search Engine Optimization San DiegoThe smartest San Diego businesses make sure that all this wonderful information can be found on the search engines such as Google and Bing.  This takes search engine optimization. Search engine optimization for San Diego businesses includes on-site search engine optimization and search engine marketing (off site search engine optimization). On site SEO includes implementing coding and keyword phrases within the rich content of the website. Elaborating about your services or products with meaningful content is key. There is a new fad in the SEO world which is to build up links to your site before you ever create content. I would say that is akin to starting to build a house on a foundation of sand. Your website search engine optimization should be first and foremost followed by off-site SEO.

Off site SEO (or old school search engine marketing) is building up valuable and logical links into your website. Citations (local listings), directories, links form industry related websites and social media profiles are all great to solidify your website’s value and thus increasing your authority.

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